2016 All Area Team




Prep Talk Eugene is pleased to present our second annual All Area Football Team for 2016. 

The All Area Team includes football players from all classifications (1A – 6A) of our local high schools in the Eugene and Lane County area. We cover football as far north as Central Linn, south to Yoncalla, east to Oakgridge and west to Siuslaw (part of Lane County). Five members of Prep Talk Eugene voted for the All Area Team. It took us some time as we discussed, debated, analyzed, argued, arm wrestled and finally voted, until we came to agreement!

We used a simple guiding principle in our selection process. We wanted to select one team of 11 offensive and 11 defensive players who impressed us with their play on the field. We do not deal with recruiting and playing at the next level. We made our selections based upon the body of work that we saw in action. The five voting members attended games each week throughout the season, often watching from the sidelines or calling the play by play. In addition, we look at game film and highlights when preparing for our weekly pod cast “Talkin’ Football.” 

Back in August 2015 when we hatched the idea of an All Area Team, we talked of having it be a senior only team. However, this idea was quickly abandoned as we knew we could not keep an athlete off the team just because he was a junior or a sophomore. Again, the quality of play on the field and asking the question of voting members, “if you were to build a team, which players would you select?” We also felt strongly about keeping it simple, with no special teams, no second team or honorable mention and a maximum of 11 offensive and 11 defensive players. Having four running backs on First Team All State makes no sense! I guess we’re old school.

To be clear, this was not an easy process and it took some time for us to come to consensus. In fact, the debate continues for some members of our committee. Many excellent players were left off the team. That does not diminish their athletic ability or skill. Having a deep playoff run certainly helps, as we have more opportunity to watch and gather impressions. Winning a state title or playing for one certainly helps too! Congrats to all and thanks for reading. ENJOY!


QB: Tel Jones (Harrisburg)
RB: Hunter Knox (Harrisburg)
RB: Sam Jackson (Churchill)
SLOT: Connor Morton (Thurston)
WR:  Tyson Haas (Thurston)
WR: Kory Parent (Cottage Grove)
Line : Copper Ladd (Cottage Grove) 

Line: Cody Shear (Sheldon)
Line: Zach Phillipo (Sheldon)
Line: Asim Hirani (Harrisburg)
Line: Hayden Fausett (Churchill) 


Line: Christian Pelayo (Churchill)
Line: Seth Morris (Cottage Grove)
Line: Kyle Rygg (Sheldon)
Line: Berkeley Neuman (Sheldon) 
LB: Nicholas Ah Sam (Springfield) 
LB: Zach Humphries (Thurston) 
LB: Jaren Banks (Sheldon)
DB: Kimani Quade (Sheldon)
DB: Reow Jackson (Marist)
DB: Zach Diehl (Sheldon)  
DB: Myles Green-Richards (South Eugene)

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