Linemen Love: Submit a video clip & win a T-shirt!

17 AUGUST 2017

lineman.leadWe know how it is for offensive linemen. They do all the dirty work and rarely get any appreciation. Well, that’s gonna change this year here at Prep Talk Eugene! 

Coaches, fans, players and parents can send in a brief video clip of a great block by an offensive linemen in a game this season for a chance to win one of the T-shirts featured here. Make sure you send in a single clip of one block of a game played that week. Don’t send in your entire highlight clip.

Prep Talk Eugene will review each of the video clips and select the winner. It’s that simple. Make sure to include all of the important information when you submit your short video clip, including player name, jersey number, teams playing and how we can reach you via email or phone.

Do not submit an entire game film. Just send a brief video clip by wednesday of each week to Good Luck!