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Chris Park

Welcome to our website. We are excited to start our fourth season of hosting a weekly Radio Show Talkin’ Football during the football season. We are also ready to stream audio  in our weekly Game of The Week broadcast.  If you have any question or comments please contact me at Chris@preptalkeugene.com

Be sure to check out our Fan’s Guide to Weekly Game Selection which is our way of previewing the season and helping fans select which game to attend each week.  


JUNE 2015


Chris Park

Prep Talk Eugene has just completed it’s second season of talking, blogging, Tweeting, filming and broadcasting local high school sports. What a great second year it was for us! I can’t believe we are starting our third year now. It was not that long ago that Marvin Hammerschmith and I hatched the idea for a local radio show that interviewed coaches and discussed high school football. Here is a photo of the Android that we initially recorded some of our very early shows on:

The old phone we recorded our first few shows with back in 2013.

Good thing we have progressed to recording and producing our show and interviews with professional software, mics and a mixer. It allows us to edit recordings and do so much more, in addition to sounding better. Thanks to Pro Sound and Video for helping us out.

We interviewed 16 football coaches for our weekly Radio Show during the 2014 football season, some more than once. Just for fun, here is the list: John Mannion (Silverton), Gary Prince (North Bend), Brian Crum (Mt. View), Charlie Hall (Ashland), Pat Todd (Lowell), Richard Milne (Junction City), Matthew Hawley (Vale), Dave Heuberger (Springfield), Ben Lane (Oakland), Laric Cook (Falls City), Lane Johnson (Sheldon), Scott Phelps (Harrisburg), Matt Bragg (Yoncalla), Adam Guenther (Wilsonville), Matt Bain (Santiam Christian), Greg Lawrence (Sherwood) and Steve Pyne (Central Catholic). We also spoke with Lucas Clark, prep sports reporter for the Eugene Register-Guard and two basketball coaches during hoops season, Eric Orton (Springfield boys coach) and Bill Wagner (Springfield girls coach).


We also streamed live audio on location for 5 football games, 11 basketball games (boys and girls!), 13 baseball games and 5 softball games. So,  yes, we have had a very busy and fun year!

Eugene Magazine even came out to a game and wrote a piece about us. Check out the Summer 2015 issue of the magazine and ask Marvin to autograph it. You would make his day!

2015-2016 season looks to be even more exciting. We have some great ideas to share and publish, so make sure  you check back to this website and please, let people know about us.


We could always use more help with writing, broadcasting and taking photos, so if you want to help or know somebody who would, please contact me at Chris@preptalkeugene.com. See you at the games!


Welcome to the Prep Talk Eugene website. As you can see, we have been busy! Please look around, read the latest book or movie review, look at the photos, vote in the Poll Question and play in our Pick’Em Contest. You can also listen to all of our past weekly radio shows from the 2013 high school football season. It was a fun season and during the  sixteen radio shows we produced, we interviewed 16 coaches, including Chris Miller (South Eugene), Lane Johnson (Sheldon), Thurman Bell (Roseburg), Tim Dodson (Siuslaw), Gary Roberts (Cottage Grove), Craig Ruecker (Tigard), Ken Potter (Jesuit), Steve Pyne (Central Catholic), Kirk Miller (Pleasant Hill), Scott Phelps (Harrisburg), Jon Gettman (Cascade Christian), Justin Starck (Thurston), Darrell Mehl (Churchill), Dave Heuberger (Springfield), Jason Haddy (Elmira) and Pat Todd (Lowell).  We also interviewed Tom Welter (Executive Director of the OSAA), Erick Olsen (Radio play by play and voice of the Hermiston Bulldogs), Nick Krupke (KPTV Portland), Gary Haliski (Midwestern League Historian/photographer/blogger/concession stand connoisseur).

Feedback from our listeners this past year was overwhelmingly positive, with a few suggestions to improve our technical production skills and offer “one stop shopping” via a website. Please keep in mind, we are not professionally trained media (that is both an advantage and disadvantage) and are volunteering our time, energy and money as we learn and partake in this adventure.  We realize most listeners are primarily interested in the interviews with our guests and we thank all the coaches and guests from last season for taking the time to participate, answer all our crazy questions and make us look good. It really is cool to see and hear the enthusiasm that coaches have for their athletes and their teams. Every coach we spoke with was so eager and willing to talk about their team and their kids, despite having to endure a 6:30 am or 8:30 pm interview.  Thank you very much and we look forward to speaking with you again next season!

During the down time of the offseason, my partners Marvin Hammerschmith, Patrick Crawley and myself will keep you entertained with our Roundtable Discussions on various topics. The Roundtable will be a 10-20 minute audio file that you can listen to at your leisure. Our first Roundtable Discussion topic is “The First eight years of 5A (2006-2013): Who was the best team?” You can find the SoundCloud link to the Roundtable Discussion from our home page and at the Roundtable Discussion tab, which displays some tables of data that you can look at while you listen.

As always, your feedback is appreciated. If you don’t see any photos of your team or school, that means we have not received any. If you want your photos displayed, just send us two or three and we will put them up.




Standing on the sidelines watching high school football games over the years, I have been approached and then confused as the team trainer, a college recruiter, a coach scouting future game opponents and a host of other mistaken identities. Not long ago at a game, as I took notes and stats for my free lance write up, I was approached by an ultra exuberant parent/fan who had come down from the stands. He came directly up to me and said, “Hey, you guys should try the short passing game because their defense is playing really deep.” He gave me a puzzled look as I suggested he tell the coaching staff.

We are often asked, “Hey Prep Talk Eugene, what’s your deal?” It’s simple really. We are three guys who really enjoy high school football. All aspects of high school football. We have a diversity of experience and each of us brings something unique to the table, including writing, research, stats, broadcasting, audio and video production, photography, etc. Over the years, we have all played football, coached youth teams, run the chain crew, worked on the field painting crew, grilled hamburgers and hot dogs for concessions, attempted to referee games, announced games, operated the score board, taken stats, etc. Prep Talk Eugene began with a love for the game of high school football and the desire to create opportunities where we could share that with others of similar interest. We have no interest in creating a highlight video of your son, recruiting your son, training your son or trying to sell you training equipment. We have a passion and a love for the game. That’s it.

Prep Talk Eugene is a not for profit adventure. We’re just three guys who devote our time, energy and money to run our website, produce our radio show and broadcast a weekly, local game. We all have full-time careers in fields completely unrelated to football. We do have some advertising on our website to try and minimize our expenses. Our goals are simple. We enjoy watching and discussing high school football. If you have a skill and/or interest and would like to join us, please contact us. Otherwise, enjoy our radio show, vote in our weekly poll question, show off your skill in our weekly Pick’Em Contest and come introduce yourself some time at our Game of The Week broadcast. Oh, and if you have any good trivia questions, please let me know. I’m always trying to get Marvin in our Stump Marvin trivia portion of our weekly show. Enjoy!

 P.S. Yes, we do have a life away from football. Below is a little more info about each of us.

Marvin Hammerschmith in action. How does he get most of those “Stump Marvin” questions correct?

Marvin Hammerschmith spends the majority of his time working in Information Services for a local healthcare organization.  He loves high school football and most recently has been a score clock operator, public address announcer, and game broadcaster for a local high school.  His hobbies include fishing, Uof O sporting events, and spending time with his family.  His favorite sport movie is Bull Durham and all-time favorite movie is Tommy Boy.  When he attends a high school football game, Marvin likes to check out the concession stand and taste the food.  One of his favorite high school stadiums is Roseburg High’s stadium and Finlay Field. He can be reached at Marvin@preptalkeugene.com 



Chris Park hard at work, but more likely thinking about that after work cold beer and burger with the rest of the field painting crew (photo courtesy of Michael Smith)

Chris Park spends most of his time working in the field of rehabilitation. Lately, he has had a bit of an Abraham Lincoln obsession, reading multiple books on our 16th president. Some day, he would like to retrace the escape route of John Wilkes Booth during his 12 day hideout and attempted escape following the assassination of Lincoln. He’s looking for someone to join him on this “vacation” as his spouse and three boys are of the opinion it would not be any fun.  He graduated from Brophy Prep (Phoenix, AZ) and Pacific University and likes to hike,  backpack, play tennis and swim. He enjoys writing and all the duties involved with researching, recording, editing and producing the weekly Prep Talk Eugene radio show and the PrepTalkEugene.com website. He can be reached at Chris@preptalkeugene.com


Patrick Crawley

Patrick Crawley has worked as a mortgage advisor for 25 years. You will find him most of the time at Opes Advisors, but he does have a variety of other skills and interests, including music, scuba diving and volunteering in multiple charitable organizations, such as Knights of Columbus and Sons of the American Legion. He attended Crespi Carmelite High School in Encino, California and then Cal State Northridge and Cal State Los Angeles. He is married to Saundra and has two children, Cameron and Micaela. He enjoys watching all levels of football. He likes writing his own column because it allows him to pretty much say whatever he wants. He can be reached at Patrick@preptalkeugene.com


Marcus Miller is a 2010 graduate of Toledo High School where he started his broadcasting career as a sophomore doing color commentary as a fill in for his uncle. When his uncle moved on to another school, Marcus was asked to take over the play by play for Toledo High School. In his free time, Marcus enjoys reading, watching historical documentaries and spending time with family. He can be found working at Buffalo Wild Wings and coaching basketball in the local area. His favorite broadcasting memories include calling the play by play for a high school games at Autzen Stadium and Reser Stadium and meeting Mike Parker, voice of the Oregon State Beavers, who offered some career advice. He can be reached at mjmiller1424@hotmail.com