Week #5: 09/29/15 – Churchill Coach Ray Yarbrough








This friday night teams will be playing their fifth game of the season. That means league play is underway for all local teams and the games are really important now. Winning a league title is the first step.

This week, Prep Talk Eugene is very excited to have as our guest interview, first year Churchill Coach Ray Yarbrough. Coach Yarbrough was the head coach at Illinois Valley for seven years. His Lancers are off to a bit of a surprising 3-1 start so far this year. Friday, they travel to Ashland to take on the 4-0 Grizz. Can the Lancers keep it going? Will they tame the Grizz? Will they get mauled by the Grizz? 

In the first part of our show, we talk about the games this past week for local 1A, 2A and 3A teams. I was out at Lowell high school calling the Red Devils win over Triangle Lake with former Thurston Coach Don Stone. Marcus went out to Central Linn and saw the Cobras battle the Toledo Boomers. Marvin went to Harrisburg and gives us a report of the Eagles win over Cascade Christian and even got some post game audio on the field with Harrisburg Coach Scott Phelps and junior RB/LB Hunter Knox.  

We then have our interview with Coach Yarbrough and discuss everything from how he assembled his staff at Churchill, to scheduling two 6A teams for non-league games and his top three teams in 5A, not including his own.  We also get a preview of the game against Ashland and the challenge of slowing down Grizz WR/DB/ST standout Sashi Penn.

In the second half of our show we debate, discuss and analyze the 4A, 5A and 6A games, including Sheldon’s win over South Medford, Springfield winning on the road at Mountain View and North Eugene winning again, to improve to 4-0 for the first time since 1992! We debate whether North Eugene is ready to re-join the Midwestern League and what the biggest surprise result of friday night was.

For Stump Marvin Trivia, I ask Marvin to “Name the head football coach of the North Eugene Highlanders in 1992, when they were last 4-0?” The question may have been to easy, in fact, I referred to it as a real softball. 

It’s all right here. Click on the Sound Cloud file below or download for easy listening at your leisure. ENJOY!