Week #12: 11/17/15 – Dufur Coach Jack Henderson



Local teams took a big hit this week in the playoffs, as four of the remaining five teams in the Eugene and Lane County area were eliminated. This includes: 1A Yoncalla, 2A Central Linn, 3A Harrisburg and 5A Springfield.

This week on Prep Talk we debate, discuss, analyze and argue all the game results from last friday and saturday and then preview the remaining games.  We were lucky enough to have our eyes and ears at all the local games this week. Marcus and I called the play by play of Santiam Christian’s 19-13 win over Harrisburg. Patrick Crawley was out at Sheldon and posted some pictures and his game review on the home page of this website. Marvin and I were out at Cottage Grove High School and called the play by play of the Dufur at Yoncalla game. We also had fans, friends and followers at the Ashland at Springfield game and Stanfield at Central Linn. Yes, it has been a busy but fun weekend of high school football!

We then have a chance to speak with Dufur Coach Jack Henderson and rehash the Rangers improbable comeback 74-72 win, down 58-72 with 1:28 left in the game. This was an instant 8-Man Classic! So many great plays, momentum swings, lead changes, punches and counter punches! Sad to see the Eagles eliminated, but both teams have a lot to be proud of with the effort displayed on the field in that game. 

Thanks to Jason Hink at Douglas County Sports Online for the highlight video of the epic game between Dufur and Yoncalla:

It’s all right here. ENJOY!