Week #6: 10/06/2017 – Harrisburg Coach Edmund Rivera


Harrisburg Coach Edmund Rivera being introduced at Autzen Stadium.

This week on our podcast Talkin’ Football we have Harrisburg Coach Edmund Rivera as our guest interview. Coach Rivera is a former Oregon Duck football player who is in his first year coaching at Harrisburg on this second stint coaching the Eagles. He spent 13 years coaching at Harrisburg previously, as this was his first head coaching position after graduating from the the U of O. He went on to be head coach at both Marist and North Eugene and after a couple seasons working as an assistant at Marist recently, returns to Harrisburg for round two coaching the Eagles. 

On this week’s podcast, we review, debate and discuss all the big game results from last week, including Sheldon’s 34-0 win over Roseburg, Churchill 40-35 over Thurston, Cottage Grove 53-12 over Sweet Home and Yoncalla 84-56 over Lowell. We have some post game audio with Churchill Coach AJ Robinson down on the field following the game against Thurston at The Farm. 

We ask Coach Rivera about some of the high school fields and stadiums that have caught his attention over the years. You might be surprised by a few of his responses. 

Interesting statistical side note. Several of our local squads are leading the State in points scored or points allowed. Congrats to these teams and keep up the good work:

1A: Yoncalla scoring 61.6 points per game on offense, #1 in 1A.
4A: Cottage Grove scoring 46.8 points a game on offense, #1 in 4A.
5A: Churchill scoring 45.0 points per game on offense, #1 in 5A.
6A: Sheldon defense giving up only 9.2 points per game, #1 in 6A.

It’s all right here. Just click on the Soundcloud audio file or download it for easy listening at your leisure. ENJOY!