Week #9: 10/27/2017 – Willamette Coach Josh Wolfram


This week on our podcast Talkin’ Football we have Willamette Coach Josh Wolfram as our guest interview. Willamette hosts North Medford friday night and with a win would force a three way tie for the fourth and final playoff spot in the Southwest Conference.

We have some tough questions for Coach Wolfram (10:50) regarding the forfeited game against Sheldon, whether the Wolverines “deserve” a playoff spot after a forfeit and if the opponent was a factor in deciding to forfeit.

We have post game audio on the field with South Medford Coach Bill Singler (4:15) and senior RB/LB Jaylin Parnell (7:10) following the Panthers 31-14 dismantling of the Irish on friday night.

We also debate, discuss and analyze all the other big games from last friday night, including Churchill’s 76-26 win at Eagle Point (23:48). The Lancers appear to have resolved their slow start issue and are no longer the “Lethargic Lancers” as they scored 41 points in the first quarter and 69 at halftime! We scoured the record books for the Midwestern League and cannot recall any team scoring that many points since 1999 when Churchill’s double wing whipped North Bend 81-7! Here are some other high scoring Midwestern League wins:

2013: Springfield beat Franklin 70-20 in round one.
2008: Thurston beat North Eugene 68-14.

The Lancers have scored 398 points in 8 games for a 49.75 average. They are on pace to eclipse other high scoring Midwestern League teams, including:

2008: Thurston 615 points in 12-1 season (47.30
average). Colts lost the 5A title game to West
Albany 35-28.

2010: Marist 607 points in 12-1 season (46.69).
Spartans lost the 5A title game to Sherwood in
OT 26-23.

It’s all right here. Just click on the Soundcloud file below or download and listen to it at any time. ENJOY!